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A Story of our DNA
 "And they that shall be of thee shall build the old waste places; thou shalt raise up the foundations of many generations; and thou shalt be called the repairer of the breach; the restorer of paths to dwell in."  Isaiah 58:12

Asher was the peacemaker.  He and his descendants are also warriors but they also had to make some strong decisions to follow the Word of the Lord when their brethren wanted to do otherwise...Do you get this?

It says "coasts" so he was ministering close to the ocean coast line towns and communities. This was the hereditary area of  the tribe of Asher.  A woman of Canaan traveled to Jesus and "cried" to Jesus to heal her daughter who was "grievously vexed with a devil".  Her daughter was so bad that she was grievously. Not just a little bit.  Jesus did not speak to her at all, although He was surely paying attention to her.

She was not going to give up on healing for her daughter so she started after the disciples and aggravated them so badly they complained to the Lord and asked Jesus to please send her away because they apparently could not get rid of her.

Jesus's answer was "I am not sent but unto the lost sheep of the house of Israel."  Jesus was essentially telling his disciples not to worry.  (In my understanding, this woman was probably from the tribe of Asher who was still living in their hereditary homeplace of Tyre and Sidon. Jesus basically identified her as of the lost tribes of Israel.)   So, the woman decided to throw herself on His mercy and worshipped Him in front of everybody!

Jesus answered her, now, as she worshipped Him. (What a lesson for us when we come begging for God to do something for us in our desperate situations.)

Still, He wanted her to learn something and He said "It is not meet to take the children's bread, and to cast it to dogs." 

The woman said, "Truth, Lord:  yet the dogs eat of the crumbs which fall from their master's table."

Was this woman a Samaritan, whom some ministers think she was or was she one of the wealthy women of Asher who were a wealthy tribe and she knew her family was kind  to the dogs in their own household. Tribe of Asher compassion even to their dogs...

This got Jesus's attention. He wanted her to press forward for her  daughter's miracle because it was building her faith. How great is the  Lord's grace for us as human beings...

Finally, Jesus told her "O woman, great is thy faith:  be it unto thee even as thou wilt".  And her daughter was made whole from that very hour."  

It makes me think that the way Jesus said that to the woman, was to show her and us to stay in faith until we see our miracle no matter what.

This was the beginning of my walk back to God.  Really, I ran to Him!   I went to the christian bookstore and walking around saw a little pamphlet about the Fruit of the Spirit.  I purchased it and dissected it piece by piece. Small things started happening  that were large in value to me...

I heard a countrywestern song not long after that spoke to my heart. The man asked his woman why she was angry at him  all the time and I was able to understand what was going on in my life. the Word prayed aloud will cleanse us.  

Sometimes, you have to ask God to deliver you from the past. From the generational sins that still rear their genetic heads and cause trouble with your emotions even after a person has received Jesus Christ into their hearts.

The prayer of forgiveness-  Father, in the name of Jesus,  I pray and confess Thy Word and ask for Thy remembrance of the prayers that my ancestors prayed for their children and their descendants  that now includes me and my children and my  descendants. You said in Thy Word that You watch over Your Word to perform it and so now on the strength of Thy promise I take hold and believe that from this day, my children are taught of the Lord, move in the admonition of the Lord and fulfill their destiny as Thy Word promises. 

I pray and believe that my ancestors's prayers for us are bringing glory to Thy kingdom in whatever way You desire. In Jesus's name I pray. Isaiah 54:13; Psalms 91:11: Amen.

Jimmy Dale and I  recently celebrated  our 44th anniversary by traveling to Ft. Walton Beach, Florida where we went on our wedding trip in 1971. When  you research your family history and ask for God's leading, listen to His voice. You may  find the reasons that you feel closer to some people. This is one of the blessings of  family history research.  

's original surnames:

Maternal -





Walter Thurman Riley Cox - Carlile,  Cox,  Edmonds,  Lewis,  McKee,  Moore,  Milliken/Millikin/ Millican,  Satterfield

WELCOME.  Come on in, kick your shoes off  and take some time for my  website created to share Jim and Nancy's  genealogy,  family news and our history that has been shared from cousins and records gleaned from a field of knowledge.  

Time has a way of getting away from us.     This website will help to show our families the ancestry that was saved just for us who live today and our  descendants!

When you are comfortable,   absorb what you need for your life and pass it on. 

If you have been traveling with me, and I hope you have, you will have noticed that there has not been very much of our new records posted in the last six months.  I had an operation on my left shoulder that has slowed me down considerably but we are ready to continue on our road trip. As  I looked at my road map,  I noticed there have been many new paths opened up with the help of dna testing of  so many participants.  Updating my road map is the priority now.

  In 1988  my mother and I  discovered a  mystery about Margaret Jane, her  grandmother. Very little was known about Margaret but in the last six months, there is hope in the surname McCarty being linked to a little girl named Margaret born 1840 MS according to the Planter's township, Chicot county Arkansas census.  I have received a dna match with the McCarty surname but it will need to be investigated for documentation.  

Mother's paternal line is documented to  Henry Parker Sr., born 1780. (He was probably born in N.C. before the S.C. lines were drawn to separate the two states.  I list S.C. on my documents, however, because the census enumerators all list S.C. as his birth state.)

It seems I need  the family history of the females because while a man works from sunup to sundown, a woman's work is never done. This causes the lady of the house to get left behind in the historical records unless she leaves a diary, plantation record book or  buys land that a man thinks she is important enough to list her  husband and her children!   

So if you have any kind of document that would help clear up some of my mistakes in extraction, please leave  a message on My Front Porch Guestbook or send me an email to   

I would love to hear from you. 


tells you about my family, hobbies  etc. 


are a compilation of land records involved in my paternal and maternal  history.


Tells a story of a beginning before my birth



shares my maternal and paternal great grandmothers's aptitudes, old stories and the old herbal remedies they used.

My Purpose in publishing these records is to try to bring flesh to our people's  thoughts and actions that still circulate within our blood and then  utilize the tools of genealogy to accomplish this.  (See DNA and Family Finder)  

We love the family tradition stories and treasure them so send them so we can post them with your name as submitter.  

Please send email, with pictures identified, or if you have some of our family you would like to post that are unknown, email and we will try to get them identified.  Let us know what part of your data we can post here on our family's website. 

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