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 How do I know that these people are really my own  flesh and blood? 
Because of the blood tests of ydna documented on the Parker Ydna Surname Project. 
Dennis R. West's website  and Greg Parker's website-   

Have you ever wondered why you are in the United States, or a certain country, etc.? Because of the choices your parents, grandparents or foster/adoptive  parents made in their own choices of living spaces.  Their choices affected you before you were born and it's a mystery.
This is part of the attraction of having a genealogical dna test done.  Noone can tell you what it means to you, but I can tell you cousins who tested their dna and then posted their results so my paternal and maternal families can try to connect are a type of hero in my book! 
Some genealogists working on the Parker histories state it would help if more of the "Browsholme" or Cornwall descended Parkers would participate in the Parker DNA Project by testing but I submit that some of the English  Parkers have already given us this  genealogy through the old colonial records and English documents of which I hope to post some here.
Now, the traffic signal  has turned green, and we will continue on down the road...

When there is a brick wall in genealogy search, it is really only a mystery. Brick walls can be climbed with genealogy DNA  tests, process of elimination, documentation  and combining the accurate  papertrails. (Always document for yourself that wonderful family history of your own family that you "found".)
My mtdna test documented my grandmother Annie Lee Crabtree Willkett's maternal heritage  and that has meant alot to me to finally see the Welch/Crabtree/Sullivan and related family branches  connecting that my grandmother Annie lost for a time. - both her parents died and left her an orphan at about age three. Their wonderful family history book filled in so many questions for me and allowed me to see pictures of my  mother's maternal ancestry and facial characteristics.
My Family Finder test from Family Tree gave me the given and surnames of some of my  cousins  already in contact with me.  Some of the Family Finder surnames,  
There  are multiple matches in my Family Finder DNA test results  that  prove  Stella Willkett  was also descended from  Henry Parker and by verbal family tradition,  his  father-


Nancy Cox,  Stella Willkett,  Edd Alford Willkett,  William Henry Woolcott,  Winnie  E. Parker  Woolcott,  Henry  Parker  Sr.
  There was  once a bonafide question of  whether  my line was descended from Henry Parker  since  I was descended  from a female line of  Henry Parker's  daughter,  Winnifred,  through her  son, William Henry Woolcott.
 Family Finder cousins are helping to determine many of those unknown connections.  Now to determine which one of the Family Group #1  male Parker lines Henry Parker Sr.  may possibly descend from.


Before ydna testing, the earliest Timeline:    Henry Parker, father of my great great grandmother, Winnifred E. Parker  1830 Clinton county, Illinois census.
 Before  1830, we had a Henry Parker who was almost the same age as the documented Henry in  Clinton co. Il.  That  Henry Parker  was located in Marlboro county, S.C. 
 1810 Marlboro co. S.C.
 1820 Marlboro co. S.C. census, twice. 
 Apparently,  Henry Parker  moved within that year and that was good for us because when my Family Finder tests came in,  we were related by blood to the Martha Quick Driggers who was living beside the Henry Parker of Marlboro co.!  Coincidence?  I do not think so.  This is the great thing about Family Tree DNA's  Family Finder. Sometimes,  one paper trail will be able to blend with the dna cousin's papertrail.
Always document for yourself with these new records.

 1850 Clinton county, Illinois
  I had  found descendants of the Parker line that were listed in another Parker Group.  (Daniel Parker's son, Moses Parker was in  Clinton co IL after 1835.)    I thought at one time that the 1850 Clinton county Parkers  might  be  the two younger Parkers  in Henry Parker's household of 1830 that have not been identified by us. Were they living with Henry Parker until Henry moved from Clinton county?   Time will tell.

The Parker DNA Project results page lists Family Group #1  Haplogroup R1a1a
PO4 James Parker b. 1815 Tennessee
PO6 William Parker baptised 1696 Kirby Hill, North Yorkshire England
P17 Henry Parker born 1827 South Carolina
P20 Henry Parker born 1827 South Carolina
P31 Henry Parker born 1780 North Carolina (That part of  N.C. was transferred to S.C.)
P37 Amos Parker born abt. 1720 North Carolina
P57 Samuel Parker born 1792 North Carolina
P63 Perry Parker born 1856 Texas
P73 Lemuel Parker born 1790 North Carolina
P100 Joseph Parker born___ died 1749-50  North Carolina
P102 John Parker born  1810-20 North Carolina
P119 Lewis Parker born abt. 1772 South Carolina
P130 John Rhodes  (Jack) Parker born 1808 North Carolina
P149 Thomas Parker born abt. 1705 (One genealogy source has birthplace England; another has N.C.)
P236 Frederick N. Parker born 1865 Illinois
P265 Elisha Parker born 1784 North Carolina
P302 Lewis Parker born 1799 North Carolina
(The  P17, P20, P31, P63 and others that I have yet to get permission to post are in Henry Parker Sr's direct descendancy)

All of these Parkers have one main item in common. Their haplogroup is R1a1a.  They could all be from the same ancestor within 100 years but if that was so,  the family historians who are diligently working on each family branch would have found the common link.  So, let's take the records step by step according to the ydna, do the process of elimination and then we can blend each one as we find the link.
We are including hypothesis in this determination so always study the lines for yourself before accepting a new record on your ancestry. The hypothesis are just guidelines for further study.

 PO4  James Parker born 1815 TN.  named one  of his sons, Thomas Henry Parker, during the time that my ggggrandfather, Henry Parker, was still living in Illinois.  At one time, these two families lived within a county away from each other. (Jefferson and Clinton)
 PO6 William Parker was baptised in 1696 in North Yorkshire England.  At one time  this family resided at Langthorpe, just a few miles from Kirby Hill Parish Church  or Kirby Hill on the Moor. (Check out the parish records.)

Interesting that Thomas Parker born 1705 has the same birth year as the Thomas Parker christened  in 1705  Kirby Hill. The 1705 son died and the next child of Francis and his wife was also named Thomas at his christening in 1708!- and he is also from the same ydna  family as PO6 William Parker of  Kirby Hill, England. 

P57 A Samuel Parker  on the 1830 Chicot co. Arkansas census within the age digits.  Also on that census, was a Sally Parker in a separate h.h.  If you are from  P57, I would appreciate knowing where Samuel Parker was living in 1830. 
P37 Amos Parker.  Kathy has an abundance of family history in her book.

Now, let's explore the hypothesis according to the ydna of  P100,  P149 and then  P119.
According to the papertrails documented by these family branches,  take a family group sheet and place Thomas Parker born about 1626 and died about 1690. (I recieved these from another Parker researcher)
Now, take another group sheet and place the name Thomas Parker as the father and list his age as ca. 1634.
Once more, place the name Thomas Parker on another group sheet as the father and put  his age as ca 1653.
(Birth years  from various places. guess-timates)
Sally's genealogy site has a Thomas Parker who had three sons.  Where is his will?
1. Peter   2. Thomas  3. William

Peter was born about 1645 according to his abundance of family historians.  He married Elisabeth. (Peter's will dated 15 Sep 1716.  W.P.  Apr court of Chowan co. N.C.)
Their issue/children according to accepted dates:
1. John Parker b. before 1696   His land lay on Deep Run Branch. clue.
2. Elisabeth Parker
3. Joseph Parker                              P100
    He married Ruth.
4. Thomas Parker  b. 1705-1762    P149
(Something is wrong with the ages.  Peter would have been about 63 when Thomas was born and at least  six years older when Mary and Ann were born...)

    It has been established by  Frances and her family in their extensive research work that  Thomas  married Hannah Holland.
Their issue/children:  Silas;  Joseph;  William;  Peter. 

5. Mary
6. Ann
Elisha Parker   P265  is also descended from Peter through his son,  Thomas b. 1705.
This establishes that P100, P149 and P265 are  from Peter's descendancy  documented by papertrail and ydna!

Now, the brother of Peter and other son of  Thomas Parker mentioned on his will. Thomas Parker. He would have been born shortly after Peter as a guess.  Other researchers are putting 1653 and we will go with that for now.
 (The date of 1660-1666 is the birth year of  Richard Parker's son, Thomas.  His son did not marry Jeane.   This is according to Waunita Powell's online records and other James and Katherine Buller Parker's records.

Thomas Parker born (est. 1653) married an Elizabeth first (according to the Wells website) and then Jeane Early-widow Evans.
Thomas named his children in his will in this order:  Thomas, Joseph, Sarah, John, William and Francis Parker. Will- 3 Jan 1717 and probated Oct. court 1717  County of Albemarle, precinct of Chowan, N.C.  In his list of children, he mentions one daughter when she comes of age but there is a Francis in the will and we need the genealogy of this child. Was Francis his son?

John (H.?) Parker b. abt. 1692 married  Mary Stone. Mary supposedly died in 1770 Edgecombe co. N.C.
Their issue/children:
1. Gabriel Parker b. 1719 Chowan co. N.C.
2. John Parker      b. 1721  Chowan co. N.C.
3. Aaron Parker b. (guessitimate 1723) 
4. Sarah Parker  b.  abt. 1725
5. Margaret Parker b. abt 1727
6. Elizabeth Parker b. abt 1729

Following the line of Gabriel, above.
Gabriel was b. abt 1719 and married Famoriah and #2 Selah
1. Matthew Parker b. 1741
2. Hubbard b. abt 1743
3. Gabriel b. abt 1746
4. Burwell  b. abt 1749
5. Hardy b. 1751
6. Famoriah  b. 1753

From family historians of Hubbard Parker,  he  is listed with two sons.  Lewis Parker b. abt 1772 and Aaron b. 25 April 1789 Screven co. Georgia. More research is needed.
Burwell Parker is first listed on the 1790 S.C. census.  He was married to Alpha Brown Kenady (widow Kennedy)
Burwell Parker died about 26 Jan 1835. Will in Barnwell co. S.C. ( Did  he live on Yarrows Branch later known as Tinker's Creek?) 
South Carolina Archives-Parker, John,  Plat for  585 acres on Yarrows  Branch,  Orangeburgh  District,  surveyed by Robert  Brown in  9/2/1789.  This proves that John Parker of  Yarrows Branch was living in the vicinity of  Williston, S.C. 
Is this John Parker, the father of  Lewis and Aaron, or  is this my Henry Parker's father?
Children listed on Burwell's  will were:
William Parker, Nancy, Elisabeth.  There was a Burrell Parker who died later at the age of 18. Mortality records. I am not sure whose son that was.
Recorded in S.C. wills - a Gabriel Parker dated 27 April 1810.  His wife was named as Lucy Rives (or Reeves?)

P119  Lewis Parker, b. abt 1772 has family historians working on this line and the papertrail shows a relationship to the Barnwell county Parkers.  P119 shows a ydna connection to Thomas Parker who married Jeane Early Evans also.

Ms. Clingman gives a great compilation of Burrel Parker's descendancy on World Connect.  She lists him married to Mrs. Esther Parker.  Was Esther's former husband a Parker?
She has Elisabeth Parker b. abt 1780 S.C. who married David M. Cave. She died in S.C.
Other daughter of Burrel is listed as Nancy Ann b. abt. 1795 S.C. and married Tarlton Cave. She died 1858 Barnwell co. S.C.
I found the name Lewis Parker for the first time in the 1810 Barnwell co. S.C. census. 20010,2101000. 
His digits show he was b. ca.1767-1784. This must be Burwell's son, Lewis.   Was he in Burrell or Burwell's household until then? 1820 digits:  1002012011003
Will gradually flesh his known history as soon as possible.

Also listed in 1810  Barnwell county was:  William Parker 10010, 1001 (
Burrel Parker 03101,004100 (13 slaves)
Joseph Parker 41210,111100 ( 1767-1784)

It seems that there were three Parker men in the 1810 census with digits close in ages.
 Lewis and William Parker could be the Lewis and Henry Parker listed on the 1840 Henry Co. Alabama census. William dropped his name as William Henry between 1820 and 1840?  Is there a story there?
To be continued...

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